Upcoming events

Preparation for Winter Fun

The winter season is approaching, and with it, we are eagerly anticipating another season of exciting water activities. Alternatively, sharpen the blades of your skates. After all, you can enjoy yachting even in winter. In case the water surface freezes, you can look forward to training and races in the DN boat class (ice yachts), snowkiting, or wing activities on snow or ice! You can also participate in our largest, unique, and only Ice Marathon, which we organize!

Lipno Ice Marathon 2024

An extreme race for those who want to test themselves in the toughest conditions.

Air temperature: up to -20°C

Altitude: 729 meters above sea level

Terrain: ice, snow, unpaved

Maximum number of participants: 200

Have you ever felt the desire to prove to yourself that you can run farther, jump higher, reach the end of the world, or dive deeper? The first step in a running marathon is to put on your sneakers and start training. However, Lipno Ice Marathon is something exceptional. It's not enough to "just" be able to run and endure the traditional marathon distance of 42.195 km. You have to do all this in the harshest Czech frost, on snow, and ice. Have you been looking for the right impulse to achieve something extraordinary? Lipno Ice Marathon is here just for you. So put on your shoes and start training. This is not a race for the faint-hearted. For resilient winter runners, we have not only a marathon route but also a half marathon of 22 km and a 10 km distance for young athletes. You can compete in the traditional way, i.e., put on suitable shoes for winter terrain and ice and just start running. Another option - if the weather allows - is the Freestyle category, which includes skates, cross-country skis, kites, ice yachts, and bicycles. You can choose one method or combine them as you like. The Freestyle category is simply tailored for everyone who loves movement on ice. Everyone can choose. So don't hesitate and dive into training; time flies! All this and more… For those who take it seriously! The entry fee includes accommodation in your own tent right at the race location. Experience real icy adrenaline similar to that of Antarctica. Our marathon is simply a good ticket to prepare for the renowned Antarctic Ice Marathon. So come and test your endurance!

Don't hesitate to register for the race; the number of starting positions is limited!


Regatta - 130 Years of Yachting in the Czech Republic

Czech yachting celebrates 130 years of its existence, and you have a unique opportunity to be part of it. On the water surface of Lipno in Černá v Pošumaví and the surrounding area from August 28th to September 3rd, almost every sailboat will be sailing. Modern sports are also part of yachting, so there will be no shortage of a spectacle with windsurfing, kiting, and wingfoiling. The event will also include the Czech Republic Championship in the Optimist boat class, for example. Come and admire the beauty that the unique natural scenery of Lipno offers in combination with the presentation of one of the most beautiful water sports, yachting, from MOLO Jestřábí, where you will be able to watch the biggest sailing event in the Czech Republic as if in the palm of your hand.

Among the Islands



After the great success of the Among the Islands concert, where Bárka performed on August 16, 2020, a concert for crews of 83 boats gathered among the Lipno islands of Velký and Malý Tajvan, it's time to repeat this experience - and capitalize on the past and enrich it with new features. Thursday, August 31, in honor of the 130th anniversary of yachting in the Czech Republic, the celebration of which is planned in Černá v Pošumaví, will also be an opportunity to say goodbye to the holidays in this unforgettable way and in grand style. The chance to organize another exceptional concert, where music of various genres played on the Celtic harp and cello will echo over the Lipno surface, is given by the fact that the preparatory team is complete again.

Organizers want to perceive the concert again primarily as a celebration of the genius loci, where the setting sun gives Lipno Lake a very romantic atmosphere, beautifully enhanced by classical, musical, rock, and other compositions. In response to the reactions of the audience who experienced the concert in 2020 and wished for its repetition, they are ready again to use their experience with this unconventional environment. You, as crews of boats and various vessels gathered around, can be the closest audience for the musicians, either from MOLO or the beach of Jestřábí Camp 1. Perhaps we will already screen the new Bárka clip, where music will be combined with animations by David Křížek.

YK Jestřábí training program

for children aged 8 to 15, in collaboration with personalities of Czech yachting such as Karel Lavický (Olympian in the Windsurfing class) and Nikol Staňková (historically the most successful representative of the Czech Republic in the Optimist class), has prepared a training program for children aged 8 to 15.

European Tornado Championship 2015

YK Jestřábí organized one of the most prestigious round-robin sailing races in the world, attracting the top European yachting class Tornado. Even an Australian crew did not miss the event, although it had a long way to Europe. Polished beauties raced on the water, and the biggest European aces measured their strengths in battles for positions at buoys. The five-day competition offered an exciting spectacle and an accompanying program directly in the camp and on the surrounding beaches.